How to dress your baby for a good night's sleep

Dressing a baby for bed can be tricky. Here are our practical tips to ensure a good night's sleep. You can also check out the lovely pyjamas that your little one will love wearing.

Newborn and baby pajamas: beautifully cuts for sweet dreams

Baby pajamas are a must-have from birth. Choose it carefully as your baby will wear it a lot, both day and night. Baby pajamas and onesies are practical as you won't need to fiddle around with various layers. They stay perfectly in place despite all the wriggling. Depending on the material, it will help your little one sleep well and regulate their temperature too.

It's a good idea to have several models of sleepwear for your baby boy or baby girl. Newborns' clothes get dirty very quickly. Plus, it's fun for new parents to get their little ones dressed up.

Velvet, cotton, for girls or boys: all the Jacadi baby pajamas

You will not choose the same pajamas depending on the season. When it is getting colder outside, opt for a long sleeve bodysuit and velvet pajamas.

During Summer, a short sleeve body and cotton pajamas will be perfect. For the mid-season, we recommend to combine a long sleeve bodysuit with cotton onesies.

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