Sleeping bags

The Jacadi Paris sleep sacks and baby sleeping bags are designed to allow baby freedom of movement, but always protected from the cold and drafts. Order your Jacadi Paris baby and young child sleep sacks and sleeping bags online.
Baby 6-24 months sleeping bag $139.00

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Baby girl convertible 6-24 months sleeping bag$169.00

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Baby sleeping bag 6-24 months$165.00

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Baby sleeping bag 6-24 months$139.00

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Baby sleeping bag: everything to wrap baby warmly and stylishly

Also called a sleep sack, the baby sleeping bag allows you to wrap your baby as warmly as in a duvet, without them being able to uncover themselves during sleep. Essential from birth, this accessory accompanies your child until they are about 2 years old. With Jacadi and its vast collection of baby girl and boy sleeping bags in soft colors, ensure your newborn has warm nights and naps.

Jacadi sleeping bag: the essential

The sleeping bag is the key to peaceful nights, both for baby... and for you! The sleeping bag (also called a sleep sack) is an essential accessory for your baby's sleep. Irresistible, the sleeping bag is almost like a mini sleeping bag for your baby: attached at the shoulders and arms, the sleeping bag allows your baby to freely wiggle their little feet, without ever running the risk of uncovering themselves and spending the night exposed to the cold or drafts. For a newborn, it is not recommended to clutter the bed with sheets, pillows: anything that can move and obstruct the baby's breathing should be avoided during their first months of life.
Jacadi's sleeping bags for boys and girls are therefore a must-have for the birth list, or the baby layette. Plan to include a 0-6 month size sleeping bag in the maternity suitcase. Then, buy a larger baby sleeping bag, or opt for an adjustable model.

Which sleeping bag to choose?

Which sleeping bag to choose? In winter, don't hesitate to put your baby in a sleeping bag with sleeves, or choose a warm (girl's pajamas or boy's pajamas) to protect their arms. In summer, plan for a sleeveless sleeping bag in a lighter material for your baby. There is a "warmth" index that can help you choose the right sleeping bag: the TOG. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag will keep your baby. In the warmer season, a cotton sleeping bag is ideal. Soft, breathable, and absorbent, it will allow your child to be comfortable even when it's very hot.
Jacadi has also developed a beautiful collection of baby nests. Halfway between a blanket and a sleeping bag, this strapless accessory is more suitable for outings.

The sleeping bag, a true fashion accessory

Like all Jacadi accessories and clothing, sleeping bags are made with the utmost care.The lining is warm, the fabric soft to protect baby's sensitive skin.Beyond their practical cut and the effectiveness with which Jacadi sleeping bags protect your baby, they offer a wide choice of styles and inspirations. Pristine, striped, polka-dotted, patterned, white, or in pretty soft colors, Jacadi baby sleeping bags are both an essential part of your child's room and a true style accessory.
Jacadi sleeping bags also stand out for their elegant details, echoing the French tradition. Round collar, Peter Pan collar, ruffled or scalloped, tone-on-tone or contrasting piping, delicate embroidery... each piece has its own charming feature.

The sleeping bag, for baby girls and baby boys

Select online the sleeping bag model, for baby boys or for baby girls, that will accompany your newborn during their first months. Choose a floral sleeping bag, delicately colored, pure white, or with pretty sober shades, so that your sleeping bag can suit both a baby girl or a baby boy... and also, thanks to the high quality of Jacadi baby accessories and bedding, stay with you for a long time and perhaps protect the first nights of the next baby.
Indeed, Jacadi Paris sleeping bags are made from carefully chosen materials, sewn with care. By following the care instructions, your sleeping bag can undergo numerous washes, without losing any of its strength, and softness. It can even be passed on to the next generation, or soon delight another couple's baby – family or friends. Or, why not, be resold through the Jacadi Second Life website, to make room in your belongings, and bring joy to other little ones!