Baby leather slippers

Jacadi offers you its collection of soft leather slippers for babies from 18 to 24. With its easy slip-on design, these comfortable slippers for girls and boys are perfect for daycare and nannies.

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Comfortable and stylish leather baby slippers to wear from the first steps

Protecting your little one's feet from birth is a priority. It starts with small socks, and when they start taking their first steps, the ideal is to put on a pair of soft slippers, preferably made of leather. This is precisely Jacadi's specialty. In the shoes section, find quality leather baby slipper models in matte, patent, or glazed leather, both comfortable and durable. Find the perfect model for your little adventurers.

Why should I buy soft slippers for my baby?

Delicate and growing, your baby's feet deserve the best in slippers. Before the age of two, their feet are made of cartilage. They are therefore very fragile and prone to deformation. The bone structure forms progressively, then the arch appears. That's why the choice of slippers is so important. Confining their feet in rigid slippers would prevent proper development.
At Jacadi, we are particularly attentive to the well-being of your little one. That's why our collection of baby slippers consists of soft leather models, specially designed to promote the proper development of their foot. And thanks to non-rigid, non-slip soles, it's almost like they're walking barefoot. In addition to maintaining their motor skills, the baby can feel the ground and its irregularities, and thus better understand each step. There's nothing better for moving comfortably and exploring the world around them at their own pace.
At the same time, their little feet are protected. Cold tiles, hot terrace floors in summer, small pebbles along the edge of a path... With their Jacadi slippers on, your child is ready to discover their environment safely.

Baby slippers: why choose leather over synthetic materials?

Leather is a natural material with many advantages. In summer, it allows the foot to breathe and retains perspiration. In winter, it keeps your child's feet warm. The flexibility and thinness of leather are two other significant benefits: the baby can move their little toes freely and even grab their feet if they want to, without hurting themselves due to a heavy and thick sole, as would be the case with classic slippers. Soft leather slippers also have the advantage of being light as air: for your child, they are like a second skin. All good reasons to choose them. In the maintenance section, you will find everything you need to keep them looking new.

My first pair of Jacadi slippers

To accompany your baby's first steps, choose elegant leather slippers from our many models: boots, salomés, or elasticated slippers. At home, at the nursery, or with the nanny, these soft and easy-to-put-on slippers make your life easier. For a baby boy or a baby girl, opt for a classic like leather boots to keep them warm, canvas shoes or elasticated slippers for more comfort and a casual style. For a successful start at the nursery, choose leather salomés, modern and elegant. Our soft leather slippers accompany your baby throughout their first explorations.
Available in various colors, these leather slipper models are timeless! From classic black or white to brighter, even pop colors, let your imagination run wild. Bright yellow, sky blue, silver, brown, candy pink, rose gold... Also, why not fall for one of our printed models: butterflies, stars, or Jacadi flocking.
We particularly love the finishes on each model. Some feature contrasting piping, others have perforation patterns. Some even have scalloped edges or play with textures, such as suede mixed with smooth leather. Our creations are also appreciated for their practicality: a boot pull at the back of the heel allows them to be put on and taken off in one motion. This way, your baby gains a little more autonomy every day. Also equipped with strong seams, our leather baby slippers are designed to faithfully follow your little one, step by step. Also, find all the other shoe models for girls and for boys that will complete your child's collection!