5 tips for a successful first baby bath

Your little one has finally arrived. Congratulations! After a few days in the maternity ward, you're now back home and feeling a little overwhelmed having to give your little one their first bath. Here are some essential tips to make this a stress free moment and a memory you’ll cherish forever. These may seem like common sense, but it's always useful to have a checklist!

When should you give your baby their first bath? It's usual to give a newborn baby their first bath a few days after birth. This allows young parents to learn the technique in a calm environment before they take over at home. That said, first baths in a maternity ward are becoming less common, with parents being told to wait a week before the first bath. Indeed, the vernix (the white cheesy-looking coating) that covers a baby's skin is composed of proteins, lipids and antioxidants that protect the baby's skin long after it has left the protective environment of mom's belly. There is no hard and fast rule on this subject. Each parent is free to choose whether they bathe their baby in the maternity ward or wait until they get home.

Gently lather

Baby skin is delicate, so use a hypoallergenic, soap-free baby cleasing gel or an emollient dermatological bar.

To apply the product, just follow these steps. Lather the cleanest areas of the body first (hair, arms, legs, belly and back) and the dirtiest last (baby's buttocks). Make sure to clean any folds in the skin (thighs, neck, crotch). Avoid wetting their face as this could stress your newborn. Or just moisten with a tiny amount of soft water.

On the other hand, wash their head thoroughly, as newborns' heads can sweat a lot. Rinse their head gently by cupping the water with your hand and pouring the water gently over their crown. Finish with a tender kiss.

Gently wrap your baby up after bathing

From their first bath onwards, you must prevent your baby from getting cold by immediately wrapping them up in a newborn bath towel or hooded towel, making sure their head is covered.

Babies skin is very thin. Don't rub them dry, but gently pat them dry so the towel absorbs the water. And don't forget to fully dry all the skin folds too. After putting on a diaper, why not give your baby a little massage? Using a multi-care dry oil, you can round off a relaxing bath time in the best possible way! A little massage can also be done at another time of the day to relax and comfort your little one. We have a wide range of massage and baby care oils, perfect for magical moments with your baby.

Just follow these tips for a stress-free bath time - giggles included for free! And as your baby grows older, a bath cape or toddler bath towel will be a useful addition to your baby bath kit.

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