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Bibs and burpies for baby girls and baby boys feature beautifully embroidered bibs and cotton towel sets that keep the messiest moments beautiful.

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As soon as baby is born, he has to be fed... and feeding baby means bibs! They keep the mess in check... and you get to enjoy giving baby accessories in light or colorful fabrics! Jacadi offers baby bibs small enough for newborns with a wide variety of patterns (Liberty baby bib, pink or blue baby bib, white or floral baby bib...) and finishes. No matter which fabric or swaddling cloth you choose for baby, thanks to the quality of Jacadi's products, you can take comfort knowing that they will be easy to maintain (the vast majority of our baby bibs and swaddling cloths are machine washable), and with so many options, how can you resist! You'll want to order all of our baby bibs and swaddling cloths, enjoy their pretty patterns, and wrap baby in their soft fabrics.