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Find all the models of baby girl blouses from 6 to 36 months: sleeveless blouse, Liberty blouse, round collar printed shirt... Clothes for girls that are comfortable and elegant, dedicated to the comfort and well-being of the baby.
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Baby Girl Blouses: Choice and Quality to Dress Your Child

To bring style and elegance to your baby, nothing beats a pretty blouse. Neither too warm nor too light, it ideally accompanies your child during mid-season days, or even in the summer season when it is sleeveless. Without further ado, dive into the world of Jacadi baby girl blouses and choose the models that will make your little princess even prettier.

The baby girl blouse: one garment, a multitude of variations

The blouse for girls is similar to a shirt or a chemise, but a little more casual. With long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless, it comes in various styles, from the most classic to the most informal. At Jacadi, we offer a range of chic and timeless baby blouses. Cheerful and bright colors, like Liberty patterns or cherry prints, are highlighted. You will undoubtedly also fall for our more original creations with multicolored checks or Vichy-style.
Our blouses are not just a profusion of colors. You will find models revisiting the classics. White has its place in our collections. Our designers also pay attention to detail. This is how baby girl shirt models with scalloped collars, plastron collars, ruffled collars, and Claudine collars, shirts with multiple pleats or a single box pleat on the front... For long-sleeved blouses, you can choose between a straight or elasticated cut at the wrists for baby's comfort. And of course, it is important to choose the right size for your girl so that her blouse fits her perfectly. Each of our creations adds a touch of whimsy to your princess's outfit of the day.

How to dress baby with a blouse?

Like the polo or baby girl sailor shirt, the blouse will delicately dress your child. The advantage of this garment is that it goes well with many pieces. You can, among other things, pair your daughter's blouse with a small shorts, a skirt, or even jeans. It is suitable for multiple occasions, ranging from a simple walk in the park with the family to important events such as your little one's first birthday, for example.
Some materials exude more elegance compared to others. This is particularly the case with cotton combined with silk. And if dressing sessions scare you, rest assured, Jacadi has not neglected the practical side of its shirts for girls. Some have a buttoned opening at the back, others have crossed straps with snap buttons in front of the shoulders. Your daughter is ready in the blink of an eye in the morning and ready for new adventures.

Undershirts and T-shirts for babies, complementary garments to the blouse

Is the weather getting worse? Is it getting cooler in the evening? Or do you simply want to cover your child a little more warmly, waiting for warmer days? The short or long-sleeved Tee-shirt (depending on the shirt model of the day) will add a much-appreciated layer under your baby girl's blouse, as will the undershirt, which is even warmer. Jacadi has imagined a vast collection of long sleeve and short sleeve tops that will surely charm you and your toddler girl.

The sweatshirt and long-sleeved polo, two other great classics

The long-sleeved polo for babies will cover your princess even more warmly. Mostly in the form of sailor shirts for girls, Jacadi models will look great with small pants or shorts. As for the sweatshirt, it is also elegant and full of softness. With a simple round collar or a Claudine collar, straight or scalloped at the waist, printed or with moss stitches... Some models are so chic that you can imagine composing a dressy outfit for your daughter. All you have to do is make your choice to fill your child's wardrobe, throughout the seasons.