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For baby girl bodysuits, choose the quality, softness, and style of Jacadi! Discover all the baby girl bodysuit models from 6 to 36 months: Long-sleeved bodysuits, short-sleeved bodysuits, hand-embroidered collars, or Peter Pan collars... Girl's clothing that is comfortable and elegant, dedicated to the comfort and well-being of the baby.
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Chic bodysuits for baby girls to suit all tastes

Like many other wardrobe items, the bodysuit is an essential part of newborns' and babies' clothing. Both high-quality and elegant, Jacadi's baby girl bodysuits will delight your child on any occasion, from a simple nap to outdoor outings, paired with a pretty outfit. Our baby girl bodysuit collections go up to 24 months, and even up to 36 months for some models. Get inspired by our creations now.

Why have your baby wear a bodysuit?

The baby bodysuit is considered an undergarment. Chosen in warm, breathable, and natural materials, like cotton, for example, it increases baby's comfort while protecting their delicate skin. It is recommended to have your child wear a bodysuit from birth. In addition to keeping the baby's torso and back warm, the bodysuit makes diaper changes easier, thanks to its snap buttons positioned at the crotch. When it's time to change the diaper, you avoid undressing your child completely.
In a bodysuit, the baby is also more free to move and less bothered than with a t-shirt, which may ride up. Particularly elegant, Jacadi's baby girl bodysuits can even be part of your little princess's outfits when the weather allows. A small skirt with Liberty patterns simply layered over a white petal collar and short ruffled sleeve bodysuit ensures a chic effect.

Newborn pajamas: the ideal complement to a bodysuit

The baby girl bodysuit is an essential garment under your child's daytime outfits, but also under their pajamas. Under a winter or summer pajama, it will provide comfort and softness to your child. Their little belly is also less likely to get cold during naps or at night.
In terms of size, a 1-month pajama is preferable to a 0-month pajama if your child weighs more than 3 kilograms and measures less than 50 cm. Then gradually move on to 3-month pajamas, then 6-month pajamas, and so on as they grow.
Filled with softness and made from natural materials, Jacadi's sleepsuits for baby girls will delight your little princess and be excellent allies for a good night's sleep. Fall for one of our velour or cozy fleece pajamas. Powder pink or immaculate white, plain or patterned, with scalloped, ruffled, or Claudine collars... each model has a story to tell.

Newborn bodysuit: quality and unmatched style signed Jacadi

The baby bodysuit is one of the first garments that will welcome your baby girl into this life. So choose Jacadi's quality, softness, and style! When baby girl arrives, there are already essentials you must have on hand: diapers, the cradle and baby furniture...
Creating your baby girl's first wardrobe is a fun and enjoyable step! Especially the little baby girl bodysuits, with their soft cotton; their pure white or pretty pastel colors, and of course the Jacadi details that make the baby girl bodysuit a unique garment. For example, the baby girl bodysuit with a collar in pretty Liberty fabric. Or the baby girl bodysuits with petal, ruffled, or scalloped collars. Dressing your baby girl in soft bodysuits, easily washable and practical to put on, does not mean giving up style.
For a gentle and beautiful entry into the world, order Jacadi's baby girl bodysuits with just one click.