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Shipping Page d'accueil Jacadi

Frequently Asked Questions about clothes and products

  • Clothes and shoes

    How can I find the right size?
    In order to choose the right size for your child, you can refer to the size guide for clothing and shoes.

    Where are Jacadi clothes manufactured?
    Our collections are created to meet the needs of your children. Each age has its own specificities and requires particular details. Our teams of stylists and modellers adapt each of the products. Our collections are created in our Paris offices and must meet both the needs of comfort and practicality, while being elegant and modern. Then, the products are manufactured either in France, in Europe or in other countries in the world in particular in Asia. We control our production line in its entirety.

    How can I wash your products?
    Jacadi offers clothes with high end materials that require your attention to stay soft and beautiful (cashmere, merino wool, silk ...). To preserve the beauty of your clothes, a care label is sewn on each product. It is by following these recommendations that your garment will remain beautiful in time and that its material will not be altered. In addition, we recommend that you wash your clothes before use.

    Are Jacadi shoes well adapted to my children(s) needs?
    Our shoes are created by experts to accompany your children from their first steps. Depending on their age, children have different needs (height of the arch, to the flexibility of the sole ...), that's why we offer different ranges of shoes:
    • The pre-walk range (17 to 22), ideal for learning to take your first steps.
    • The range works (from 19 to 24) for babies who walk alone without help.
    • The child range (from 24 to 39) for the child.
    In addition, we offer different models so that every child can be comfortable.

    When does my baby have to wear his/her first shoes?
    It is advisable to put on your baby with suitable shoes as soon as he begins to stand on his own (even with a support). The shoes of the Pre-walker range perfectly meets this need because:
    • They have a raised ankle to ensure a good support. They are flexible to accompany the movements of the baby's foot.
    • Their sole is extra-thin and light and does not hinder small awkward steps. The collar, (the ankle bone) and the inseam are formed to ensure the best comfort.
    • The ankle guides the foot
    • They are leather.
    As soon as the walk is acquired and controlled by your baby, you can choose the walker range.

    When do I have to measure my childs foot?
    As soon as your child wears shoes, be sure to check his shoes every two and a half to three months. The foot of your baby, partially ossified, remains insensitive to the pain of a shoe too small. From 2 years, measure your foot every 6 months. On average, the foot grows from 2 to 3 sizes per year. The foot is definitively formed at 15 for girls and 16 for boys.

    How to measure my baby's foot?
    If you have a pedimeter: place the child's foot on the pedimeter. The child must be standing and his toes must be well deployed. Place the cursor on the longest toe, read his size in the notch.
    If you do not have a pedimeter:
    You can print the available meter below to measure your child's foot. You can draw the contours of the foot laid flat on a white sheet before going to the store. Our sales consultants will help you measure your child's height using their pedimeters.
    Download the pedimeter

    How can I preserve my shoes?
    Our shoes are designed to accompany your child right from the start. They are made in Spain and Portugal by experts. JACADI shoes are made of quality soft leathers. Leather is a living material that needs to be protected and maintained regularly to maintain its flexibility, elasticity and brightness..

    The protection of the shoe:
    • Waterproofing protects the leather from external aggressions
    • The shoe polish should be applied regularly to the smooth leather to clean and shine.
    • The shoehorn helps preserve the shape of the shoe

    The maintenance of the shoe:
    • Smooth leather or grained leather: a shoe polish should be applied regularly.
    • Patent leather and glossy leather: a damp cloth removes traces and scratches
    •Greasy leathers and nubuck: a special bomb of greasy leather will lubricate the leather after using a soft cloth to clean
    • The nubuck or velvet crust: clean with a crepe brush that will straighten the leather fiber and erase localized stains

    Do you provide measurements of the lengths of the skirts, dresses, etc?
    No we do not offer the actual measurement to each size. For this type of detail please contact a Jacadi store.


    What are the precautions to take when buying a nursery product?
    -Before all use we recommend washing our products such as our stuffed toys (without music box)bath towels, bibs and blankets.
    • Musical stuffed animals are to be used under the supervision of an adult.
    • The string of the music box must be pulled gently by an adult.
    • Soft plush toys and rattles can be used from birth.

    What is the difference between a sleeping bag and a bunting bag?
    The sleeping bag is ideal for sleeping toddlers until they know how to stand. Its size changes as the child grows up. We offer models up to 24 months. The bunting is only intended for "daytime" use, for a nap in a stroller or in a deckchair under the supervision of an adult. It is used until the 3 months of the child.

    Skincare and scented waters

    Do our skincare products and scented waters contain alcohol and allergenic products?
    Jacadi skincare products and scented waters for babies are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and alcohol-free.

    The composition of each of our skincare products and scented waters can be found on their product page and is indicated on each packaging of our products.

  • How do I subscribe to the loyalty program? Can I subscribe online?
    To subscribe to the loyalty rewards you can either create an account with a participating US boutique or online.

    What are the terms and conditions of my enrollment?
    Enrollment in the Jacadi loyalty rewards program is offered free of charge for all purchases of Jacadi products exclusively in United States, or online at Except for the following franchise locations, CA - Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Bloomingdale’s corners in the USA and To confirm their enrollment for the Jacadi loyalty rewards program, you must provide certain personal information, specifically your name and a means of contact (email address, mailing address, or mobile phone)

    Earning Loyalty Points

    How are reward points calculated?
    After every 4th transaction, a 5% discount on the accumulative amount of transactions can be used for a future transaction. (Purchases made within an 18 month period.)

    Do I accumulate points if I use a promotion code or a gift card?
    Promotion codes and sales will go towards your reward points. The purchase of a Gift Certificate will not count towards your rewards.

    What is the validity date of my points?
    Rewards are only valid for 6 months. After 6 months, the reward will be forfeited and will no longer show up in your profile.

    What happens in case if I return/exchange the products bought with my points? ?
    The reward discount is not refundable. You will only receive a refund for the amount PAID.

    Can I use my loyalty rewards online?
    No, loyalty rewards can only be redeemed in stores. If you do not live near a shop you can pick a location to place a phone order and apply your rewards.

    Can I use my rewards towards sale merchandise?
    No, the reward amount can only be used towards FULL PRICE merchandise, and the reward amount cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional offer.

    Can I use muliple rewards at one time?
    Yes, multiple loyalty reward vouchers can be used in the same transaction.

    What if I have left over rewards?
    The rewards is a one-time use only. It must be used in full or left over reward amount is forfeited.

  • How to use a gift card or e-gift card on our site?
    To use a gift card or e-gift card online, you must first add it to your account.
    For that it's very simple, go to "my account" and select "my gift cards".
    You will then be able to add the numbers of your card as well as its pin code (on the physical gift card this is under the gray part to scratch on the back of your gift card).
    At checkout, when choosing your payment method, you can select the gift card and the amount you want to use to pay for your purchase.

    What is the difference between an e-card and a gift card?
    The e-gift card is a dematerialized gift card. It can be bought online. The gift card, which comes in the form of a physical card is bought in the shops. Both cards can be used online or in store (excluding Arcadia CA and Costa Mesa CA).

    Can an item paid by gift card be exchanged or returned?
    Any item paid by gift card or e-gift card can be exchanged in store or returned to the store or our warehouse following the regular policies.
    Once the return of the item processed in store or by our warehouse, a new e-gift card will be sent to you by email with the amount initially paid with a gift card for the item.

    Is it possible to be refunded for a gift card?
    It is not possible to receive a gift card refund.

    Is it possible to be refunded an e-gift card?
    The e-gift card is refundable under one month provided that it has not been used (fully or partially). For this type of request we invite you to contact our customer service at 1 (800) 715-9521 or

    Can the gift card be used during for sale or a special promotion or in addition to a loyalty benefit?
    Yes gift cards like e-gift cards are like a payment method and can be combined with promotions and loyalty benefits.

    How long are e-gift cards and gift cards valid?
    Gift cards and e-gift cards are valid for 27 years after their creation date.

    Can a promocodes and sale be applied to a card or e-gift card?
    Gift cards and e-cards can not benefit from promo codes and special promotions.

    Can an e-gift card be used on a Jacadi site in another country?
    No, gift e-cards can only be used on the site and shops of the country of the site where they were issued.

    What are the maximum and minimum amounts available on a gift card?
    A card or e-gift card can be credited with an amount of choice ranging from $10 to $300.

    Can the purchase of a gift card earn loyalty points?
    As any purchase at Jacadi that of a card or e-gift card can accumulate points loyalty if the buyer is a member of our loyalty program.

    Does the use of a gift card make it possible to accumulate loyalty points?
    The use of a gift card does not accumulate loyalty points. The loyalty points go to the buyer of the card if he is a member of our loyalty program.

  • What is e-reservation?
    E-reservation is when you can reserve the product in a boutique for a particular amount of time. Once at the boutique you can decide to purchase the item or decline. The service is free and no obligation in the shop.

    How to buy a Jacadi gift card?
    You can purchase a gift card in any participating Jacadi locations. The gift card cannot be used online.

    Can I use a gift card bought in another country?
    Gift cards can only be used in the country they are purchased.

  • Can I place a gift order?
    When at the first page of your shopping cart, there will be a box to check "I want my order to be gift wrapped." (Click this option) You will also have the opportunity to write a gift message which will appear on the packaging slip. This service is free.

    How are items placed in a gift order?
    Depending on the size of the item(s) and the amount of items in the basket will be determine the amount of gift boxes. We do not gift wrap individual items from an order.

    Can I place a gift order for all online products?
    Large items cannot be gift wrapped.

    Will the person receiving the gift know the price of the products?
    The prices of the items offered are carefully removed by our teams. No prices on tags or mention on the packaging slip.

  • Why create an account on
    By creating an account at, you will be able to place orders on our site, create a wish list, receive our newsletters, stay informed about our newest collection and sale promotions.

    How can I create my account?
    To do this, click on "My Account" at the top of the page Then, by clicking on "create my account", you will be guided to create your Jacadi account.

    How can I change my information?
    If you want to change your details (address, phone, email ....), Once logged into your account, you can make the changes of your choice by clicking "edit" in the "My Information". If you do not have an account and you have given your details in store, you can change your contact information by contacting your Jacadi store directly.

    Can I unsubscribe from newsletters?
    You can manage your subscription to our newsletter:
    •via the "Jacadi news" section of your account
    • via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all our newsletters

    Is my data protected?
    JACADI, as Manager of the treatment of your personal data, undertakes to take all necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data transmitted, and that in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

    How can I delete my account?
    If you wish to permanently delete your Jacadi account you can make a request to our Customer Service.

    I forgot my password, what can I do?
    If you have lost your password, you can reset it by clicking on "My account" via the homepage and then clicking on "Forgotten password". An email will be sent to you within 30 minutes maximum. Also remember to check your junk mail or spam. Or contact customer service.

  • Payment

    Which payment methods are accepted?
    You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or by Paypal

    Is my payment secure?
    To ensure payment security, JACADI uses the secure payment service Ogone - Ingenico Ecommerce Solutions. The bank details are encrypted (SSL security standard) and therefore do not circulate in clear on the Internet.

    I have a promotional code, how can I use it?
    If you have received a promotion code usable on, you can enter it when placing your order on the "My Cart" page in the "Promotional Code box". (hit "OK" after entering) The discount will be subject to eligibility and will be applied to the basket before continuing to checkout.

    I have loyalty points, how can I redeem them?
    These points can only be redemed in our participating boutiques.


    Where can I ship my order?
    Jacadi US site ships to all continental states and the District of Columbia. Jacadi does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any United States overseas territory or overseas military base or a P.O. BOX without any street address.
    What are the conditions of shipping? (method, fee, delivery time)
    We ship from our warehouse in France using ONLY UPS GROUND SHIPPING. The shipping fee is a flat rate of $15.00. Delivery time is 7-12 business days from the time you place the order.
    Is there free shipping?
    Jacadi does sometimes offer free shipping. In order to get this special promotion please sign up to get the newsletter. The newsletter will give you all the promotions and the current updates to the site.

    Order follow-up/tracking

    How can I track my order?
    When your order ships you will receive a shipment email that will provide a UPS tracking number. Or you can log in to your Jacadi account under "My Orders" and click on the tracking number.

    If an item in my order is not available, how will I be notified? Will I receive another parcel with the missing item?
    If an item(s) is not available in your order you will be notified by an partial shipment email. The email will tell you the item(s) NOT shipped and you were not charged for the sold out item(s). The sold out item(s) will not be sent at a later date as there is no more stock.

    Can I cancel or modify an order once it is confirmed?
    You have one hour after your order is placed to cancel. This option will be located in your account under "MY Orders" select the order and hit cancel. If you are past the hour but within business hours of the day the order was placed you can contact customer service to see if the order can be cancelled. You can not modify your order in anyway, size, quantity, address, etc.

    My order has been cancelled, what can I do?
    If your order was cancelled we invite you to contact customer service to get further details at 1 (800) 715-9521 or

    Return and exchange of an article bought online

    If you were not satisfied with the items ordered, you may receive a full refund, minus shipping costs, within 30 days of purchase (shipment date) on unworn, unwashed, in its original packaging. Shoes should be returned in their original, undamaged shoe box as this is considered part of the product. No refunds will be issued for *final sale merchandise. *Items discounted at 50% or more of the original price is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. *Orders can only be returned or exchanged in our participating US Jacadi locations (Excludes: All Bloomingdale’s, Gilt, RueLaLa, Maisonette, Arcadia CA, Costa Mesa CA, Scottsdale AZ and outside the US locations)

    How will I be refunded of my online order?
    We refund you back on the credit card used to make the purchase.

    I bought a gift online can I return it?
    If you personally bought a gift but it did not work out you may return it for a refund following the *return policy. *Return policy: If you were not satisfied with the items ordered, you may receive a full refund, minus shipping costs, within 30 days of purchase (shipment date) on unworn, unwashed, in its original packaging. Shoes should be returned in their original, undamaged shoe box as this is considered part of the product. No refunds will be issued for *final sale merchandise. *Items discounted at 50% or more of the original price is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged. *Orders can only be returned or exchanged in our participating US Jacadi locations (Excludes: All Bloomingdale’s, Gilt, RueLaLa, Maisonette, Arcadia CA, Costa Mesa CA, Scottsdale AZ and outside the US locations) Refunds will be applied to he payment used at the time of purchase online.

    Can I return a gift I received from online?
    Gifts with a packaging slip can only be exchanged within 30 days. Items discounted at 50% off or more of the original price are final sale and cannot be exchanged.

    Do you provide return shipping labels? offers free returns by providing a prepaid UPS label. Read more about Jacadi return policy

  • Store adress
    In order to locate the store addresses, you can click here:

    A store near you?
    In order to locate a store near you click here:

    How can I know store information, opening hours…?
    In order to find store hours, you can click here:

    Are the sales online the same as in store?
    Yes the stores and the website offer the same promotion.

    Return and exchange of an article bought in-store
    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and the merchandise is in its original condition with tags attached and accompanied by the original receipt, you may return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days to any Jacadi participating locations*.

    I bought an item in a Jacadi Corner (Bloomingdales, Costa Mesa), can I exchange it or be refunded?
    If you made a purchase outside a particapting Jacadi store (Bloomingdales, Costa Mesa, Gilt, etc) you must return back to them and follow their return policy.

    How can i get a refund from an article bought in-store?
    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and the merchandise is in its original condition with tags attached and accompanied by the original receipt, you may return it for an exchange or refund within 30 days to any Jacadi participating locations*.

    I received a gift from a store can I return it?
    Gifts with a gift receipt can only be exchanged within 30 days. Items discounted at 50% off or more of the original price are final sale and cannot be exchanged. No refunds for gifts.

  • I woud like to become a franchisee, how can I do?
    If you want to open a franchise partnership with Jacadi you can fill this form:

    I would like to work at Jacadi, where can I apply?
    Thank you for your interest in Jacadi Paris, we suggest that you check our Indeed Company Page at where we post our most recent job ads within the company, also feel free to stop by any of corporate store nationwide to submit an application with your resume

    I would like my children to model for Jacadi, how can I do?
    Jacadi uses and outside agency in France to do the modeling for our brand. We do not have the details to share for this request.

    Additonal Questions?
    If we have not answered your question(s), we invite you to conatct us, Monday- Friday 9am-6pm Eastern time at 1-800-715-9521 or email us at