How to choose the best sleeping bag for your baby?

Warm or light sleeping bag, angel's nest, onesie, baby pyjamas, sleepsuit... Here's all you need to know about how to dress your baby at bedtime. When figuring out what to use, we recommend you choose different pieces depending on the time. To ensure your little one gets a good night's sleep, follow our practical tips and get the most from our cute baby sleeping bags and sleepsuits.

What's the difference between a sleeping bag, a onesie, an angel's nest and baby pajamas? You're going to be a parent. Fantastic news! You're brushing up on babywear vocab, but you're feeling a bit lost. We're here to explain the difference between all these confusing terms. Baby pajamas, also known as footed pajamas or onesies, are suitable from birth to about 18 months. They're easy to put on and will keep your baby's feet nice and warm. The Jacadi selection will wrap your little one in softness, whether you opt for a baby boy's jersey onesie, or a baby girl's fleece or velvet sleepsuit. The sleeping bags are baby-size, and you just slip your baby in one at bedtime. Your baby will feel snug and safe. Baby angel's nest are useful when traveling. They're suitable for strollers and car seats. Plus a side zipper means you can easily place your baby in it. In addition to the angel's nest, a small scallop-trim baby blanket will keep your little one cozy on chilly days.

Sleeping bags: a must-have from 0 to 24 months

Will you soon be welcoming a baby? When preparing your hospital bag, don't forget to pack a size 0-6 months sleeping bag for your baby boy or baby girl, making sure it's suited to the season.

A sleeping bag is an essential piece of kit from your baby's birth onwards. Cozy and specifically designed for little ones, sleeping bags prevent them from throwing off their covers or getting tangled up in them. For safety reasons, it's best to not put anything else in the crib. In fact, covers, duvets, sheets, pillows etc. should never be used.

Baby girl or baby boy: cute, practical sleeping bags

Baby skin is soft and delicate and needs special care. So you must opt for pieces with impeccable cuts that are cozy and made from the best quality materials. This also applies to towels and bed linen.

Choose a padded crib bumper, making sure it's securely attached to the bars, and use a cotton poplin fitted sheet with a size that matches the mattress. If it's winter and your baby is too young to turn over by themself, place a pretty blanket over their feet to keep them snug.

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