Sport chic Jacadi

Run... jump... twirl: childhood is a daily sport! Sport Chic Jacadi new collection follows babies and child in all their moves. As innovative as elegant, the collection mixes sportswear technic and iconic pieces of childhood fashion.

Sportswear articles

Polo shirts

Elegant on every field with Dry Fit polo shirts and t-shirts, breathing fabric that allow young athletes to stay fry and at ease during effort!

- Dry-fit polyamide piqu�
- Waterproof framis zipper closure
- Silicon Jacadi "J� on the chest

Dry Fit

Sweats and joggings

Fitted to move, Dry Fit fleece sweatshirts and jogging multiply well thought details: waterproof zip, retro-reflective stripes, Reflex materials�

- Waterproof framis zipper pockets
- Zipper closure
- Reflective framis Reflex elbow patches

Dry Fit Reflex


The ideal sneakers to start off on the right foot, walking to school or to the gym, spending week-ends with family.

Soft sole, leather details, fluorescent stripe� great shoes for great achievements!