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Sneakers and gym shoes for boys

Find sports shoes for boys (tennis shoes, gym shoes, sneakers...) and order directly in the online store. Sports shoes for your little boy are available from first steps to size 39. For little boys who are active, sporty, or who like to wear stylish casual shoes with elegant lines, there's Jacadi.

Jacadi shoes, keeping little boys' feet comfortable as they explore the world around them

Seeing your baby boy take his first steps, what an emotional experience! With stylish first walker shoes, your little guy will be equipped... from head to toe to start his discovery of the world... on the right foot. Our first step shoes for baby boys are designed to support the foot, without hurting it, to help babies learn to walk.

Jacadi takes the greatest care in the design and manufacture of its children's shoes, from " first step" shoes for babies, to shoes for big boys (almost young men), in size 39. With boys’ low-top and high-top shoes, boots, sneakers and formal shoes for boys, you can rely on Jacadi through the first years of your little boy's life. Find them online, in store, and of course watch out for the sales of Jacadi shoes for boys, so you can enjoy style at low prices!

Whatever the season, Jacadi offers shoes for babies and boys, in children's sizes ranging from first walker shoes through to size 39, of course, but in addition to the choice of sizes, there's the choice of styles too! For running around the schoolyard and everyday play, there are sneakers and tennis shoes for boys.

To make the most of winter and fall, with lovely warm dry feet, there are high-top shoes: boots and booties for little boys. For pajama parties and sleepovers, we have children's slippers and mocassins for boys. And for his first steps towards elegance, the pre-walker T-straps! And finally, for summer, vacations, and the walk to the beach, there are summer shoes for little boys and babies: beach shoes, sandals, and flip-flops.


Shoe know-how

For more than 25 years, Jacadi has been designing and manufacturing shoes for little boys, always ensuring the greatest comfort: the nobility of the leathers, beautifully made, attractive details.

Jacadi children's shoe stores

The collections of first step shoes and children's shoes are also in the shoe department of Jacadi stores. Come make your choice, your son can try flip-flops, boots, low-top or high-top shoes for boys. A shopping trip dedicated to style, to be enjoyed in one of the many Jacadi brand stores.