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At Jacadi, boys' sandals are synonymous with comfort, craftsmanship, and refinement. Discover all our models, available in sizes ranging from 18 to 39.
Baby boy canvas sandalsfrom $69.00

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Unisex smooth leather T-strap shoesfrom $119.00

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Baby smooth leather t-strap shoesfrom $119.00

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Baby boy smooth leather t-strap shoesfrom $129.00

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Baby boy leather sandalsfrom $129.00

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Baby canvas sandalsfrom $69.00

Sizes Available

Elegant Boys' Sandals for a Stylish Summer Look

Lightweight and comfortable, sandals are a must-have for summer footwear. And they're not just for girls. Boys, young and old, also have their own collections of sandals. Jacadi's creations are both elegant and ultra-trendy, combining quality craftsmanship and clean design. They adapt to your child's pace while giving them a polished look. Whether on the playground, for an outing, or even playing in the garden, they have something to satisfy their sense of freedom. Which of our models will capture your and your adorable little boy's hearts?

Boys' Sandals: Practical Footwear Par Excellence

Water games with cousins in the garden, afternoons at the water park with mom and dad, poolside birthdays... In the summer, there are a thousand and one situations where your child will only feel comfortable in their favorite sandals. So, choose them wisely.
Made of leather, Jacadi's open shoes for boys ensure breathability, keeping their feet dry even in the heat. Goodbye to chafing and other discomforts caused by humidity, which can sometimes happen with classic boys' sandals.
Thanks to its flexibility and durability, leather is also an easy-to-care-for material. Our boys' shoes allow your child to move freely and accompany them in all their adventures, demonstrating unparalleled durability.
Always equipped with ankle and heel closures, the sandals and boys' sandals developed by our designers also have the advantage of providing excellent foot support. And with their hook-and-loop or buckle closure, putting them on and taking them off is easy.

Boys' Sandals: Summer Footwear for Every Taste

Available from size 18 to 39, Jacadi's boys' sandals dress your child's feet from their very first steps to adolescence. They are suitable for all preferences and fashion styles, adding flair to even the most sophisticated outfits.
In terms of colors, all styles are available, from sober models in black, gray, or white to more vibrant and truly invigorating ones in sky blue or orange, for example. Some even mix several colors and add a touch of originality, just enough to remain timeless.
In addition to traditional open-toe sandals, Jacadi has designed more covering models. In the style of Mary Janes or canvas sandals in fabric, each has its own unique style that your boy will surely make his own. Authentic, generous, inspiring, surrounded by softness and tenderness... Our collection of open shoes dedicated to boys reflects French elegance, plain and simple. Whatever model you choose, giving your child a Jacadi creation is a beautiful way to introduce them to the finer things in life.

Boys' Sandals and Open Shoes: Perfect for Vacation

For summer vacations, boys' sandals become the best companions for both young and older children. Once the bags are packed and before hitting the road, make sure you've brought, in addition to essential sunscreen, this must-have item in your son's eyes. Upon arrival at your destination, he will surely ask for it.
Crossing the road to reach the beach, walking on the sand without burning their feet, strolling by the sea, playing paddleball with new friends before splashing in the pool... In many situations, your son's pair of sandals will be indispensable. Not to mention that they will perfectly complement his stylish shorts or swim trunks, specially renewed for the occasion.
These boys' shoes are also ideal for completing their summer outfits. Floral Bermuda shorts, short-sleeved floral pattern shirts, bodysuits, and other short overalls in sunny colors will all go perfectly with any of Jacadi's boys' open shoes. Lastly, don't forget the cap and sunglasses for maximum protection and a complete summer look.