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Discover the range of slippers and booties for baby and toddler boys: quality, stylish, and comfortable shoes for boys from size 17 to 34.
Baby boy soft bootiesfrom 30% off Initial price $85.00 Reduced price $59.50

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Baby boy soft slippersfrom 30% off Initial price $85.00 Reduced price $59.50

Sizes Available

Stylish boy's slippers with an inimitable style

Essential for protecting little feet and preventing slips, slippers remain, of course, indispensable as your boy grows. For relaxing or playing at home with siblings or friends, these indoor shoes must be comfortable above all. At Jacadi, comfort goes hand in hand with style and quality. A perfect combination of practicality and pleasure. From his first steps to adolescence, dress your boy in elegant and durable slippers. Make your choice now from our beautiful and extensive collection.

Practical and safe slippers and slippers for your boys

If there is one advantage to Jacadi slippers, it is their practicality. Designed to be easy to put on and take off, even from a young age, some of our creations feature a velcro strap, others have two elasticated openings. Regardless of the model chosen, your boy's slippers will perfectly fit his feet, providing flawless support throughout the day. Little ones will also enjoy putting on and taking off their slippers all by themselves, just like grown-ups. To help them, Jacadi has added a loop at the back of the foot to its smallest boy's slipper sizes.
Ergonomic, our boy's slippers also respect the morphology of each foot. They meet the demands of all parents, who are very concerned about their child's well-being. Most of our boys' slipper models also have a non-slip outer sole. This helps prevent those dreaded slips.

Perfect slippers for home and nursery

Cozy evenings by the fire with mom and dad, hide-and-seek games with friends, family board game afternoons... with his Jacadi boy's slippers on, your child enjoys every moment in peace and savors life gently.
The fabrics used to make our boy's slippers are soft, lightweight, and breathable, ensuring unbeatable comfort for your boy. Hopping, jumping on one foot, running... everything becomes possible. For little ones who haven't taken their first steps yet or are trying, our boy's slippers turn into adorable little shoes once they pass through the nursery doors. A much-appreciated two-in-one for parents, often pressed for time at the start of the day.

Stylish boy's slippers for almost all ages

Imbued with tradition and made from top-quality textile materials, Jacadi boys' slippers are no less modern and elegant. They transform your child's relaxation moments into pure pleasure. Available in sizes from 17 to 34, some of our creations are made of soft fabric, others of smooth leather or suede. In slip-on, salomé, or Chelsea styles, Jacadi also follows major fashion trends with inspired and inspiring designs.
As for colors, there is, once again, something for everyone. From the softness of sky blue to the invigorating yellow, through more classic but equally chic shades like gray or navy blue, everyone has their favorite color. And for a warm winter, opt for one of our fur-lined boy's slippers. Whatever your choice, one thing is certain: as soon as he sets foot in the house, your child will be eager to slip into his cozy pair of slippers.

Discover Jacadi's outdoor boy's shoes

Jacadi also offers a beautiful collection of comfortable boy's shoes with an inimitable style, such as sneakers and tennis shoes. Perfect for giving your child a casual or more chic look, they adapt to celebrate all occasions.
For going to school, playing with friends around the house, family outings, or special events like baptisms or communions... Jacadi's boy's sneakers and tennis shoes are suitable for your child's daily activities as well as more solemn moments. An indispensable substitute for slippers once your child leaves the house, they keep up with his pace throughout the warm season.