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Wishlist for newborn girls, easy to create and view

Jacadi is the go-to online store for everything you need for a newborn baby girl. From children's furniture to diaper changing accessories, soft toys and comforters, you can pick the perfect gift for a newborn in just a few clicks.

The arrival of a baby girl is a very emotional time. New parents don't always have time to reply to messages, so how do you know what they need when choosing a gift for their newborn? Jacadi makes things simpler, with accessible birth wishlists just a few clicks away. You can pick everything you need for your newborn baby girl: diaper changing accessories, toys and comforters... and then your friends and family can access your selection online. This leaves them free to choose a lovely gift for your newborn, within their budget, and be sure to make you happy



Jacadi dresses babies and toddlers for the day and for the night and puts all its expertise at the service of their well-being: softness of materials, attention to detail. Long-established know-how in comfortable stylish clothing for newborn baby girls.

Pretty clothes: the best gifts for the birth of baby girl

Clothes and outfits for newborns make great gifts to celebrate the arrival of a new little girl. Outfits from 1 month to 12 months and more, to gently welcome little girls right from birth.

Whatever the season, Jacadi offers pretty dresses and skirts, elegant pajamas and pretty little accessories. For a winter baby, choose an outfit for a newborn baby girl, in velour that's not only pretty but warm and stylish too. For a springtime birth, little light dresses in cheerful colors, a little hat to protect your baby’s delicate face.

So, depending on your needs and wishes you can use your birth wishlist to compose a layette for a newborn baby girl, with stylish delicate outfits, to equip the nursery, to get the basics (bodysuits for baby girls, gowns, footies...).