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Discover ceremony collection Jacadi shoe selection for spring-summer : chic mocassins or white sneakers for boys, classic ballerinas or elegant sandals for girls, elegant booties for babies... All Jacadi shoes are here to accompany baby and child in big and smaller moments

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Today is a big day... A ceremony, a baptism, an anniversary: it's a celebration! For these special occasions, Jacadi offers outfits and accessories that are festive and stylish, or formal if the occasion so requires, for little boys and little girls from newborn to size 12Y. In the Jacadi ceremony collection, you'll find party dresses for little girls, formal or semi-formal jackets for little boys, and outfits for baby's first big outings. Choose Jacadi special occasion clothes and accessories online or discover them in-store... and swoon over Jacadi's little suits and pretty party dresses for children.

Little boys: jackets and dress shirts for ceremony and special occasion

There are several formal celebrations in a child's life: the birth or baptism of a little brother or little sister, large family gatherings... not forgetting the joys of getting dressed up for holidays or New Year's. With Jacadi, little boys can learn the joys of putting on a new outfit and dressing well. Style isn't born... but with Jacadi, your little boy is off to a good start! From the Jacadi line of ceremony and special occasion clothes, choose a stylish pair of Bermuda shorts and a matching blazer for your little boy to wear in the summer. Paired with a little polo, it's the perfect outfit for semi-formal occasions: summer brunches, end-of-year parties at school, recitals... In long pants, a button-down shirt and the Jacadi boys' blazer, little boys will cut a fine figure for the most important occasions! But don't be afraid to mix up a formal outfit with a light and charming detail: a button-down with a subtle but fun print, a little Liberty-print bow tie...

Little girls: colorful or stylish dresses for ceremony or baptism

For little girls, a special occasion calls for a pretty dress. What a joy to dress up in light fabric or beautiful velvet to rise to the occasion. With Jacadi Paris, little girls' dresses are ready to celebrate, no matter the occasion. For your little girl, choose a party dress in percale cotton, taffeta, velvet or mixed fabrics...
Jacadi offers a wide selection of formal outfits and dresses for girls. For semi-formal occasions like birthdays, fairs and cocktail parties, your little girl can choose a pretty patterned dress: light checks or cherries, juicy red currants, pretty powder pink, cherub white...
For ceremonies, opt for pleated dresses with well-crafted collars. One of these little girls' dresses will be perfect, paired with a pretty white girls' cardigan, and don't forget the accessories! Hair bows, hair clips and pretty Liberty-print accessories: these are the details for the perfect ceremony or special occasion outfit for each of the celebrations in your little girl's life.

Party outfits for baby, from hat to shoes!

On special occasions, baby doesn't want to be left out! For a baptism, you can't go wrong with bright white. Depending on your preferences and the season, you can create a formal outfit for baby with a lovely baby pajama set, paired with a little cardigan, or a baby girl dress or pretty bloomers when the weather is nice. Dress baby boys in little Bermuda shorts or navy blue pants. For ceremonies and baptisms, don't forget the accessories (headbands, hair clips or little bow ties) and the shoes! Jacadi has stylish and comfortable shoes for ceremony.