Jacadi Iconic Pieces are signature pieces, inspired by French tradition in childhood fashion. Revisited each season,
the iconic styles condense expertise and emotion, for a modern and timeless wardrobe,
passed on from generation to generation.

A bit of history:
The immaculate ceremony outfits symbolise purity. During the ceremony, newborns were wrapped in a large immaculate embroidered linen after the immersion ritual. Over the years, the linen was replaced by an outfit which is composed of an underskirt, a hat and a cloak. The ceremony dresses were carefully preserved for many generations.


A must-have for baby’s wardrobe, the iconic ceremony dress is adorned with refined poetic details and meticulous finishes. To make moments even more exceptional, the full of style immaculate ceremony dress is the epitome of sewing expertise.

Jacadi touch: Chic and well designed, a large petal collar and ruffled sleeves embellish this outfit designed to be transmitted over special celebrations.

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