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In this shoe section, discover our beautiful collection of slippers for girls, both charming and comfortable, ranging from size 17 to 34.
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Girl's slippers: dressed up to the tips of her toes, even at home

Essential for everyday life, slippers provide comfort and support for your child's feet, as well as protecting them and keeping them warm. Practical, easy to put on and take off... at home or at daycare, it's hard to do without them. Especially since slippers now come in a multitude of materials and styles to suit all tastes. At Jacadi, we choose quality and tradition, without ever skimping on aesthetics. Because we consider these three criteria to be inseparable. Discover the soft world of Jacadi girl's slippers now and delight your child with cute and durable indoor shoes.

Charming slippers for all girls, from the youngest age

To please both little and big girls, the wide collection of Jacadi girl's slippers ranges from size 17 to size 34. From her first steps, around the age of 9 months (sometimes more, as each baby develops at their own pace), it is important to have your little girl wear slippers.
While walking barefoot promotes her psychomotor development, some specific situations require the wearing of slippers. This is the case, for example, when protecting her little feet from cold tiles or shocks (furniture corners, in particular) during her first steps. Slippers are also essential at daycare.
A little older, and up to adolescence, your child will undoubtedly be just as delighted to wear her slippers... Whether it's to relax while you read her bedtime story, play at home with her siblings or friends, or after a long day at school. No matter the situation, what could be more comforting than a pair of cozy slippers?

Jacadi girl's slippers: comfortable and chic models at the same time

Even at home, it is important to think about protecting your children's feet. In soft leather, lined or canvas, Jacadi girl's slippers fulfill their primary role perfectly, in addition to being made from durable materials that are respectful of the planet. When your daughter's feet have grown, she can pass her slippers on to her little sister, cousin, or one of her friends, who we are sure will be delighted with the gift.
Wearing girl's slippers developed by our stylists also means enjoying incredible softness and great comfort. Leather insole (removable and washable) to limit perspiration, foam sole to cushion shocks, flexible sole that adapts perfectly to the shape and growth of the foot, genuine wool lining for warm feet all winter... Everything is designed to make your child feel at ease in her slippers, in all seasons.
Our indoor shoes for girls are also real fashion accessories, oscillating between a playful universe and poetry. To be paired with both her daytime outfits and her favorite nightwear, your child will only take them off at bedtime. White, pink, gold, silver, blue, finely striped or printed, in classic, salomé, ballet flats, booties or chelsea styles, our girl's slippers also feature lovely finishes. Topstitching, openwork or scalloped details, extravagant bow on the front, iridescent finish... each model has its own particularity. A way to pass on to your child a taste for beautiful things.

A slipper model for every girl

To please all little and big girls, our stylists have imagined a whole range of girl's shoe models for the home. Open-sided and/or top slippers are more suitable for summer and mid-season wear. With a dress or a pretty romper, they will be perfect. For winter, choose from our elegant models of closed ankle-height or high-top slippers for girls.
On the practical side, our girl's slippers also have it all. Depending on your child's age and preferences, choose between a model to simply slip on, or another with a velcro strap or elastic closure. All our baby models also have a loop or rear tab to make putting them on easier. When she feels ready, your daughter can put on her slippers all by herself.