Discover our section dedicated to boys' fur-lined shoes. Both trendy, comfortable, and high-quality, our models range from size 22 to 36.

Boy's fur-lined shoes: winter essentials for a cold season

They are part of those must-haves in a child's wardrobe when the mercury starts to drop. Always in fashion, fur-lined shoes for boys help your child face the harshness of winter, protecting their feet from freezing temperatures. At Jacadi, we have designed tennis and other boots for boys in elegant styles and made from very beautiful materials, allowing your child to face the cold with style. Make your choice from our collection of warm shoes for boys, both trendy and timeless.

Cozy boy's shoes to brave the winter cold

Without a doubt, fur-lined boy's shoes guarantee your child will spend the winter with their feet well wrapped up. In snowy or frosty weather, the models developed by our stylists offer the best protection for both young and old. Soft leather or suede, most are equipped with a sheepskin collar and a genuine wool lining, a material that is both insulating and breathable. Not to mention its ecological and durable aspect, since in addition to being natural, wool is extremely resistant.
This material has the advantage of not causing allergies. Wool is also very soft to the touch and airy, which obviously doesn't hurt. In their fur-lined shoes signed Jacadi, your boy will feel almost as comfortable as in his slippers. A great way to comfort him with softness, tenderness, and comfort.
In boots, ankle boots, or high-top sneakers versions, our boy's shoes, designed in our Parisian workshop, cater to all desires and adapt to all ages, with models ranging from size 22 to size 36. We don't forget the little ones. Especially since at a young age, children particularly need to be protected from the cold. For their first steps in the snow or for their first walk in the park or in the great outdoors in cold weather, fur-lined boots are a must-have. They protect fragile little feet and bring a unique style.

A wide choice of practical fur-lined boy's shoes for all styles

Because in addition to being warm, our wool-lined boots and tennis shoes for boys are very aesthetic, while remaining sober and timeless. They can be combined with everyday outfits - overalls, jeans, down jackets... - as well as with more dressed-up clothes. In the city, in the countryside, or in the mountains, they are perfect for all occasions. The careful details highlighting our fur-lined shoes for boys, such as topstitching and inserts, demonstrate, if needed, the desire of our teams to offer beautiful products.
On the practical side, Jacadi boy's boots are equipped with grooved soles, for better grip on the ground. Thanks to them, no more unexpected falls and little injuries. And with excellent ankle support, even the most adventurous boys can safely navigate rocky paths and trails. At Jacadi, we believe it is important to be able to live a carefree childhood. As for parents, it is more reassuring for them to know their child is safe.
Jacadi boots also have the advantage of being equipped with a zipper closure, ideal for quick putting on and taking off. Even the youngest can handle their boy's boots like grown-ups. What could be more satisfying?

Properly maintaining leather boy's boots

Of all the materials used for making shoes, leather is undoubtedly the most resistant. That's why Jacadi teams make it a priority when developing their new collections. However, in order for it to maintain its natural beauty and withstand the test of time as well as possible, leather must be regularly maintained.
Polishing is an important step. Complementary products, such as care milk and beauty cream, will help preserve the beauty and suppleness of your boy's leather shoes, while providing daily protection. The beauty cream will also revive the colors of the leather and make it shine. We also recommend, after polishing, spraying a protective mist to preserve the material from rain and stains. Find all our maintenance products on our online store, or in our physical stores.