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Size, material, colors... Jacadi is here to help you put together an irresistible children's wardrobe, combining must-haves from the collection and timeless pieces. Elegance starts early with Jacadi girl and boy clothes.

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Why is it essential to choose the right clothes for your child?

A garment is first and foremost a practical item, meant to protect children from the rain, the sun, the cold... But it can also convey a style, express a personality; it is the way we present ourselves to the world. Children's clothing are special because they are picked up by others... It is a pleasure for parents to choose and receive Jacadi children's clothes, to admire materials, cuts and refined colors... not to mention your children's pleasure, little girl or little boy, when they will look their best with their brand new outfits.
Aware that it is a responsibility for parents, Jacadi provides the key to put together with confidence a child wardrobe, both timeless and modern, versatile and full of personality.

Choosing children's clothes online

Choosing and buying your children's clothes online provides several benefits. You have the time to select girl and boy clothes you like, with no rush. Discover looks, inspirations, suggestions for family reunions ( Christmas, ceremony and party outfits for children, birthdays...) You can compare sizes, order your item in several sizes - and send back easily the one that does not fit. Jacadi is here to guide you, with lookbooks and style associations, during a tender moment, poetic and inspirational. On each product page, you will find a detailed description of the garment, its composition and care instructions...
Jacadi dresses your children up to size 12 year old and the size guide helps make your choice..

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What children clothes should you choose?

For a little boy or a little girl, you can have a similar wardrobe base. Don't forget...
• Pants and jeans: for school days and weekend walks. In coton, corduroy or mixed material, it is an essential piece of your child's wardrobe. Jacadi offers pants that will be up to playground challenges!
• T-shirts, shirts ( blouses for girls): the staples. To match the mood of the day or the outfit, they are simple basic pieces, colorful or discreet, plain or with motifs. They can blend into an outfit or be the finishing touch, adding poetry and originality.
Sweaters, cardigans and hoodies : depending on the occasion or the season, children will wear them, tie them around their waist or slip them in their backpack... You always need a cozy piece, in the heart of winter or during fresh summer nights.
To complete those staples, easy to order online on Jacadi.us, the Parisian brand offers a style manifesto, assertive yet elegant. For cheerful and festive moments, birthdays, Sundays, or only on a whim to look the best, order smart dresses, jackets, skirts and pants. Combine a "base" of clothes in neutral tones: these shades might appear "classic" but they gain in density thanks to the noble materials used and the care brought into dyeing. Denim trousers, navy blue, sand or khaki... T-shirts in white, blue, pale gray... Powder pink, sky blue, navy or mouse-gray sweaters... With children's clothes easy to mix and match you will compose easy-to-wear and practical outfits - a plus during the school year or busy weeks. A shirt with motifs ( checks or dots); a flowery blouse or with a modern pattern, a children's clothe made with Liberty fabrics will be the key piece around which you will compose the outfit.
The final touch? Your children's coat by Jacad. Jackets, down jackets, parkas: children's coat by Jacadi are designed to shield them from the cold and the wind, without compromising on style - like the iconic duffle-coat .

Which accessories should you choose with your children outifts?

Keep some room for children accessories: a head-band, a bow-tie, a scarf will complete the outfit elegantly
And don't forget the shoes , elegant and hard-wearing children trainers for a casual look or patent Mary Janes. Jacadi will also help you select the proper shoes