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How to find the best sneakers for your children?

Make sure your children always step out in style with a pair of Jacadi kids’ sneakers . Designed for ultimate comfort and practical wear, our collection of baby and child shoes and sneakers for kids are perfect for all occasions.


Sneakers for school

Comfort is top of the list when it comes to sneakers for school. Browse the range of school sneakers for girls and boys for a relaxed, on-trend look. Kids’ shoes for work and play.

Kids’ shoes for work and play

Back-to-school time means a tough pair of sneakers that will last. When they’re having fun in the school yard or running to class, kids’ sneakers need to keep their feet feeling good all day long. Get set for school with a pair of smart sneakers that are suitable for indoor or outdoor play.

Sporty sneakers for boys and girls

Whether they’re on the tennis court or running laps of the sports field, little feet need to be well supported and comfortable. Crafted with high tops to support the ankles, easy Velcro fastenings for toddlers’ fingers, and in smooth leather or canvas, so their feet can breathe, every pair offers the ultimate performance.

Sneakers for playing

Active kids need shoes that will last and look good too. For all-day playing without compromising on style choose French-designed Jacadi sneakers.

Ready, steady… let’s play

Stylish footwear is essential when you’re growing up fast. Climbing trees, running, and jumping are all part of a toddler’s busy day. A sturdy pair of children’s sneakers they can wear with ease and that will last the pace will keep them moving.

Shoes for kids in a hurry

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to do up laces when you’re in a hurry. Kids don’t have time if they’re in a rush, or little children are too young to learn. That’s why we’ve designed all our boys’ sneakers and girls' sneakers with Velcro fastenings or side zipper closures to make getting out of the house that little bit simpler. Just pull them on, do them up, and off they go!


Sneakers for running

Whether competing in their sports team or running around like crazy after school, a sturdy pair of shoes is essential. Sneakers fit the bill perfectly as they’re easy-fitting and durable.

Easy-to-wear sneakers

Running in the park or yard requires durable sneakers that are lightweight. Our selection of running sneakers for baby boys and toddlers keeps their feet supported and looking good at the same time.

Sporty sneakers for little ones

Energetic toddlers and small children love to run to release their energy. Keep their feet safe and looking good whether they’re on the running track or taking part in races on school sports day. Take a look at our range of sneakers for boys and protect their feet when they’re tearing around.

Sneakers for traveling

For hiking in the countryside, a good pair of sturdy sneakers is essential. The shoe needs to be lightweight so walking isn´t a drag, and tough to survive any journey over land or sea.

Sneakers made for walking

Travel sneakers are a wardrobe essential when the day calls for lots of walking for toddlers. If you’re on vacation and want to make the most of the sights and adventure parks, toddlers will need a comfortable pair of children's sneakers . that’ll allow them to run and jump as they please.

The ultimate sneakers for exploring the world

Traveling with toddlers and young children needs to be as simple as possible. One thing you can do to make the journey a little more bearable is to kit them out in lightweight, easy-to-wear sneakers. Perfect for those long treks through the airport, playgrounds, and beach fun, sneakers are the ideal solution for traveling boys and girls.