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Find all baby girl shorts models from 6 to 36 months: striped, plain, or denim... Clothes for girls that are comfortable and stylish, dedicated to the baby's comfort and well-being.
Baby girl twill shortsfrom $59.00

Sizes Available

Baby girl twill shortsfrom $59.00

Sizes Available

Girls' Shorts: Soft and Delicate Trends from Jacadi

When temperatures start to rise, it is essential to dress your baby in light and loose clothing. For this purpose, shorts are the perfect choice. A classic staple in the summer wardrobe of little ones, these garments will help your child feel completely at ease, both in everyday life and during their awakening activities. At Jacadi, baby girl shorts are full of tenderness and elegance to ensure your daughter has a charming look for any occasion. Our collection also embodies the essence of the brand: beautiful and durable clothing, meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Choose from our lovely selection.

Which shorts should I choose for my daughter?

Summer clothes for babies should ideally provide comfort and flexibility. By definition, shorts are a relatively short garment, leaving your child's legs free to move. So far, there is no particular difficulty in terms of choice: all shorts have more or less the same length. It is mainly the amplitude that you should pay attention to.
Some shorts are closer to the body than others. Always prefer airy models. They will allow your baby's skin to breathe better, and sweat will be evacuated optimally. Your child will then be better able to withstand high temperatures.

Baby Girl Shorts: Your Princess Dressed to Impress with Jacadi Creations

Enhanced with cheerful colors and meticulous details, Jacadi's girl shorts combine utility and pleasure. Gathered waistband adorned with a matching bow, legs decorated with wide scallops, ruffled waistband, back pockets highlighted with contrasting trim, front pleats, scalloped hem, vertical ruched cutouts... Each of our baby girl shorts models has its own unique charm.
In terms of colors, creativity is once again the focus. Pure white, pistachio green, indigo blue, fuchsia pink, powder pink, mandarin orange... not to mention our exclusive Liberty fabric shorts. Our creations are sure to catch your eye.

What size shorts should I choose for my baby?

At Jacadi, baby girl shorts range from size 6 months to 36 months. Depending on your child's weight and height, you may be able to have them wear shorts a little before they turn 6 months old. As a reference, size 6 months is suitable for infants weighing 5 to 6 kilograms (11 to 13 pounds) and measuring between 60 and 66 cm (23.6 to 26 inches).
For very young children, the bloomer is more appropriate than shorts. This absolutely adorable timeless classic is available in our range from size 1 month. Practical and comfortable, some of our baby girl bloomers are accessorized with straps. Others are more covering at the shoulders and open or not at the waist. This allows you to create unique and delightful outfits for your daughter.

Outfit Ideas with Shorts for a Baby

In addition to being practical and chic, girl shorts lend themselves to a variety of outfits. A perfect everyday companion, they can also be paired with more dressed-up looks. For special occasions, a petal collar or Claudine collar blouse will masterfully enhance your daughter's shorts. For everyday wear, bodysuits or t-shirts are perfect choices. When the evening chill sets in, a pretty cardigan will stylishly complete her outfit.

Which shorts material should I choose?

Light and breathable materials are preferred. That's why, at Jacadi, we showcase fabrics such as cotton (poplin, gabardine, satin...) and linen. In short, natural materials that respect your baby's sensitive skin at the same time.
All that's left is for you to choose from our cheerful creations. Are the holidays approaching? Discover our extensive collection of baby swim shorts as well. Whether splashing in the family pool or enjoying their first seaside vacation, your lovely little lady will undoubtedly be the prettiest.