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Discover the range of blouses, shirts, t-shirts and turtlenecks for girls and boys: sleeveless blouses, liberty blouses, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts, printed shirts, round collar or mandarin collar, short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts, with collar or printed, colorful cotton turtlenecks... Newborn clothing for girls and boys designed for maximum softness and comfort from 1 month to 12 months.
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A wide selection of baby shirts to dress baby with style

Shirts are not just for adults. At Jacadi, these clothing items tastefully fill baby's wardrobe. For the first family photos or for your little one's baptism, there's a shirt for every occasion. Whether you're looking for birth gift ideas or trying to complete your little one's wardrobe, find your happiness among our creations.

A wide choice of blouses and baby shirts for birth

Chic in all circumstances, from the youngest age. Thanks to Jacadi's baby girl and boy shirts and blouses, it's possible. To allow your newborn to be as well-dressed as the grown-ups, our stylists have imagined a collection of birth clothes combining softness and French elegance, all designed in beautiful materials.
We love baby blouses in cotton and silk, two natural textile materials with multiple advantages. Mixed, they provide a thin and light fabric, but resistant. Both warm and extremely soft to the touch, it is also a delicate and breathable fabric. Scalloped poplin collar for girls, Claudine collar for boys: everything is in the detail, for a sophisticated look, without overdoing it.

Offering a birth gift: shirts, blouses, polos...

Jacadi's tender and colorful collections are perfect for birth gifts. To please a friend, colleague, or family member who has just become a parent or is about to be, make your selection from our beautiful creations of impeccable quality. Alongside Jacadi's baby boy and girl shirts and other blouses, discover turtlenecks and polos. The perfect compromise between a shirt and a baby girl or boy t-shirt, the polo is an essential piece in the little ones' wardrobe.
Parents will undoubtedly have planned many outfits for the birth. To ensure that baby has time to wear them, opt for clothing sizes ranging from 3 to 6 months, making sure that the chosen piece is suitable for the upcoming season. You will then be sure to make people happy!

Birth clothes: how to choose?

The arrival of a baby is synonymous with happiness, changes, but also many preparations. What will your little one wear during their first days and weeks of life? From size to shape, through materials, the choice can quickly become difficult.
In terms of materials, it is ideal to favor natural fibers, such as cotton or linen. Soft for the skin, they also have the advantage of not causing allergies. For the first few weeks, prefer comfortable clothes: bodysuits, pajamas, rompers... These pieces are easy to put on and take off, in addition to not wrinkling. Since baby moves little at first and will need to be changed often, this will prevent irritations and other marks on their fragile skin. Moreover, it will save mom and dad time during diaper changes. To complete baby's wardrobe, discover Jacadi's selection of dresses, sweaters, bloomers and accessories.
Regarding size, birth clothes are generally chosen from size 1 month. Size 0 is reserved for premature babies or those with a small build. Be careful not to make the mistake of buying too many clothes. Since infants grow very quickly, most will not have time to leave the wardrobe before they are already too tight. It would be a shame if this absolutely adorable baby shirt was not worn by your child.