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What sort of weekend or travel bag should you use for your babycare items?

For stress-free travel with your baby, Jacadi has plenty of well-thought-out accessories and outfits so that you can enjoy family fuss-free outings. So, you're going away for a night or a week, what should you pack in your baby bag? Here are our tips for choosing the right bag size, making sure you don't forget anything and above all enjoying your time away!


How do I choose a baby bag for a weekend away or a vacation?

Are you going on a long vacation or a weekend getaway with your baby? Before packing your baby girl bag or baby boy bag, choose a model that is suited to your trip. If you're going away for a night during summer, a simple changing bag will be enough. On the other hand, during winter you will need jumpers, sleeping bags or thicker pyjamas, so you will need a larger baby travel bag. Thankfully, Jacadi has thought about the practicalities and has an extensive travel range. If you're leaving for two days or more, we recommend you opt for a large travel bag in addition to your luggage in which you can always slip a few additional baby items (as a parent, you can never be too careful). Choose a design to suit your needs: a practical format, elasticized compartments, small or large zipped pockets... The better equipped the bag, the easier it is to organise. Also remember to choose a changing bag with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, which will be easier to carry when you're on the go.

What should you pack in a baby's weekend bag?

When preparing your baby's weekend bag, you should pack two complete changes of clothes, two pairs of pyjamas, a sleeping bag, a small jacket or a coat, as well as the usual changing bag essentials (diapers, skincare, baby bottles).
When you're travelling, just like at home, stick to your little one's routine: your baby's bedtime, their little naps and even their mealtimes. You should also try to follow the little routines you established during your baby's first weeks at home - in particular bath time and bedtime rituals. Keeping up with these sweet, calm, bonding moments will feel familiar to your little one and make them feel safe and reassured.

What should you pack in your baby's travel bag?

When going on vacation with your baby you'll need outfits suited to the season. Pay attention to changes in temperature, especially during mid-season! Your baby's travel bags should contain long-sleeved onesies and blouses, cashmere sweaters, cardigans, velour pants and thick pyjamas. In between seasons, their outfits will pretty much be the same. Remember that babies can't regulate their own temperature, so always keep an eye on them and make sure they're not too hot or cold.
Go for very lightweight clothing during summer when the temperature rises, and for cotton voile blouses, rompers or cotton pants. Sometimes a basic onesie will be enough. Accessory-wise, add bucket hats, caps, sunglasses and sunscreen into the baby's travel bag. In winter choose clothes that will wrap them up well: babies don't move much so can quickly feel the cold. Finally, don't forget handy little accessories such as beanies, and soft socks.
Before setting off, remember to pack a baby travel bag or vanity for their toiletries: physiological serum, sunscreen, cotton wool pads, scissors, hairbrush... Jacadi offers a whole range of body care products that are designed for young children's delicate skin, as well as their mom's.


Away for the night or a week: the must-haves

You can also slip your babycare essentials into a baby diaper bag. Important items? Don't forget their favourite comfort toy and teether, if your baby's used to having them. But the list of essentials doesn't stop there... Don't forget the fabric muslins which come in handy for all sorts of things: you can unroll one to use as a mat when it's time for a diaper change, swaddle your baby, use it as a bib or even as a light blanket.
A final tip before you go? Wherever you go, don't forget basic medication (for example infant Tylenol) and any important health-related items. Enjoy your family outing!

Jacadi changing bags

To make life easier, Jacadi has a complete range of changing bags for all your outings with your baby. As soon as you leave the maternity ward, you will need a changing bag to store everything you need for when you need it. The Jacadi changing bag is practical and has numerous well-organised compartments, perfect for all outings. You'll be able to slip in wipes, diapers, a bottle and a portable changing mat so you can change your baby's diaper when needed. During the first months of your new life as a parent, the Jacadi baby girl bag or baby boy bag will become your go-to piece of kit. Whether you're heading to your monthly paediatrician appointment or strolling through the park, the Jacadi vanity case is ideal for storing toiletries, snacks and diapers. Jacadi baby travel bags are designed to carry everything you need for longer stays.