Jacadi Reflective technology collection

Jacadi Innovation�

Jacadi's innovative reflective technology is here in style-Reflex technology. As the summer approaches and children play outside longer, this retro-reflective material increases their visibility at night. The reflective nature of the fabric makes it impossible to miss when light shines upon it-making it a true standout style this season!�

Jacadi Reflective technology collection

Meet the reflective hooded parka. Completely covered with Reflex material, it ensures that children will be completely visible no matter the circumstances.�

Jacadi Reflective technology collection

What is retro-reflective Reflex technology?
Because they're smaller and less visible to motorists, children are naturally more vulnerable when playing outdoors. Whether on foot, or riding a bike, it can be difficult to see a child from a driver's perspective. Thanks to the Reflex reflective material in this collection, a car's headlights are reflected back to the source by millions of micro-prisms, allowing children to remain visible at all times.


Zippers, logo crests, patterns ...�
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