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What should a toddler wear for baptism?

A toddler or baby's baptism is one of the most special days in their life and it’s important they look their best. Whether you choose a luxurious silk gown, a smart pair of linen overalls or a pretty toddler baptism dress, your little one will look gorgeous in an outfit from our baptism collection..


What is a christening gown?

Traditional christening gown
The traditional christening gown is a long dress made from taffeta or silk, often with elaborate embroidery and lace on the hem and bodice. Cascades of fabric fall gently over the baby’s feet, wrapping them in a cocoon of luxurious material.
The dress may be adorned with ribbons, bows, appliqué, and netting or tulle, making it an exquisite garment for a baby’s baptism day.
Modern versions of the christening gown are crafted from cool cotton or linen, tend to be ankle-length and are just as beautiful as a traditional outfit.

Christening gowns for boys and girls
Both a baby girl christening dress and a baby boy baptism outfit are historically white or cream.
A baby christening dress is suitable for young babies while a shorter style suits a toddler or older child.
Also known as a baby baptism dress, this special outfit may be passed down through the generations as an heirloom.

Why do babies wear white for baptism?

The symbolism of white
Baby baptism clothes are traditionally white to symbolize the purity of Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit. This reflects the innocence of a newborn baby starting on its journey through life.
People believe that the baptism ceremony cleanses the soul and sets the child on a path of righteousness, which white denominates.

Introducing color
White is an ideal color for a baby baptism outfit as it is neutral and suits both boys and girls. However, touches of color are creeping into the modern-day baptism, with hints of pink or y


What should a girl or boy wear for a summer baptism?

Summer baptisms for girls
Summer is the ideal time to plan a baptism as the good weather lends itself to an outdoor celebration.
A little girl will feel special in a white formal dress complete with a smart pair of white baby girl sandals and crochet lace-trimmed socks. Add a pretty headband with a bow to finish her look.
An alternative to a baptism gown for a baby girl is a simple white bodysuit with a frilled neckline. Team with a pair of white baby girl bloomers and a cardigan and a cute cotton hat will keep the sun off her head and keep her comfortable all day long.

Summer baptisms for boys
Boys will look great in a baby boy Oxford shirt matched with a pair of white baby boy shorts. Keep their feet comfortable in a pair of smart shoes or sandals and short socks for an individual look.
Baby boys who don´t wear the classic christening gown will look stylish in a white bodysuit with a collar and a practical pair of baby boy shorts.
Once the formalities are over and the little ones want to have fun, pop them into a kids’ swimsuit for some serious play.

What should a girl or boy wear for a winter baptism?

Winter baptisms for boys
A winter baptism can be a wonderful event, with pure white snow falling, or frost on the ground, nature reflects the purity of the day.
A toddler boy baptism outfit for winter can consist of a chic pair of cotton twill pants set off with a crisp white shirt or polo shirt. A pastel-colored sweater over the shirt will complement the pale colors of the baptism or any other special occasion that calls for formal wear.

Winter baptisms for girls
Keep your precious bundle warm with a bodysuit under their baby girl christening gown and a pair of snug baby booties so little toes stay cozy.
Dress a little girl in an adorable formal toddler christening dress for winter and offset it with a beautiful white or contrasting cardigan. A traditional pair of Mary Janes and warm wooly tights will make sure she stays warm throughout the day. Choose plain white tights or pale pink for a hint of color.

How to follow the baptism outfit rules?

Keep things simple
Whilst white is the traditional color for a baby christening outfit you can dress your little one in pastels or creams. Alternatively choose an outfit with a hint of color, such as a white dress with navy piping or a pale blue Oxford shirt.

Avoid brights
Don´t dress toddlers or babies in bright colors for a baptism, as this is not widely accepted. Keep things plain and simple and avoid loud patterns too.
Remember, sophistication and elegance are the key to a baby christening, without being boring.