Crib bumper

Les tours de lit baby Jacadi Paris, pretty chic bedding accessories to surround baby with a cocoon of softness and comfort... Discover the range and order online your baby and young child bed bumpers Jacadi Paris.

Baby crib bumpers: everything for your little one's comfort

Both decorative and secure, the crib bumper is one of the baby accessories not to be overlooked before your baby's arrival. It will prevent them from bumping or getting stuck in their crib during sleep. Colors, finishes... at Jacadi, crib bumpers have a simple design, but always with that chic touch, the brand's signature. Softness and quality are, of course, also present. Without further ado, make your choice among our elegant creations.

Baby crib bumper: softness and comfort

Baby crib bumpers are essential bed accessories. They surround the baby with softness and cushioning to protect their skin from direct contact with the bed if they were to turn or move during sleep. Jacadi beds are, of course, designed to ensure that the baby is perfectly safe, and comply with the strictest safety rules. How can you resist the idea of surrounding your baby with even more comfort?
In addition to its aesthetic aspect, which allows you to elegantly decorate your baby's room, the crib bumper is primarily a baby accessory that creates a safe area. Thus protected, your child will be sheltered from drafts and light. A cozy and reassuring element, for a gentle sleep.
Jacadi has also developed a beautiful collection of baby nests. Halfway between a blanket and a sleeping bag, this strapless accessory is more suitable for outings.

Which crib bumper to choose?

Jacadi designs baby girl and boy crib bumpers in various shapes, colors, and patterns, to make the baby's room a truly soothing and comforting cocoon. Cherry prints or Liberty fabric for a spring touch, checkered patterns to create a chic and graphic universe, single or double-sided, straight or scalloped, for an enchanting cloud effect… These accessories dedicated to the baby's room cater to all your desires.
Jacadi Paris crib bumpers are accessories and aesthetic choices in their own right. They can also bring a touch of freshness and delicacy to the room, if you reuse the older sibling's bed. Easy to install, and easy to order on the Jacadi Paris website, Jacadi crib bumpers can also be added to the online baby registry or the baby layette, to have everything they need from the start.