Jacadi Concierge

Your premium shopping experience.

Simple, practical, and user-friendly: Jacadi's specialists team is available for text, calls and video calls
to ensure personnalized advice and tailored shopping experience wherever you are in the US.

Jacadi Conciergerie will be your best shopping partner!

Contact the Jacadi Concierge


SMS chat

Text your preferences to your
advisor by message

Monday to Saturday
from 9am to 7pm EST.


Live videos

Your advisor can then schedule a video call with you for live
personalized support.

Monday to Saturday
from 10am to 5pm EST.


Remote Pay

The store will send you a remote payment link to finalize your purchase.


Your order delivered to your door

Your products will then be shipped directly to your preferred address via UPS anywhere in the US.*

*Shipping fees may apply.