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Bloomers are essential for toddlers, baby girls and baby boys, for their style and cut that makes them suitable to wear over a nappy and brings an inimitable touch of style to baby outfits, right from birth. Whatever the season, for the first months, choose baby bloomers, iconic styles from the Jacadi brand for children.

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Bloomers are an essential part of a baby's wardrobe. If you want to create a pretty outfit, whatever the age of your baby girl or baby boy, what could be better than these stylish practical pieces? Bloomers are like shorts with elasticated edges and are guaranteed to stay put, even on the most active babies! In velvet for winter, with tights, bloomers are warm and comfortable and look great on your baby, worn with a sweater or cardigan. In summer, bloomers with or without braces, create an instant outfit, and that's why Jacadi takes so much care in designing and making such pretty models! Bloomers in Liberty print fabrics, of course: the very essence of Jacadi's DNA! But there are bloomers in other pretty prints too: polka dots, stripes, fishes, gingham... With beautifully worked collars or ruffled sleeves, bloomers are so versatile! Of course, to match bloomers to the occasion and the season, you also need to think about the fabric. Piqué jersey, pretty, soft cotton, deep indigo denim... Whether for a boy or a girl, bloomers dress and protect your baby. They can be mixed and matched in a myriad ways and stand out with their style that combines tradition and originality!