Clothes and accessories


To allow little boys and little girls to go through their day dressed with elegant, resistant and practical clothes, Jacadi offers every season a full wardrobe for children, up to 12 years old. Coats, pants, dresses, socks and shoes... For little boy or little girl, order online high quality clothes with a timeless style.

The shoes and clothes that you buy your children, boy or girl, have to fill two important missions: allow them to go through the day with comfortable, resistant and practical clothes... and do so with style.
A piece of clothing or a pair of shoes for child must protect your little boy or your little girl from the cold, the sunshine, the wind and the rain; an important mission. To get dressed in the morning without losing time, Jacadi clothes must mix-and-match and be easy to put on. The fabrics of the children clothes have to be well-thought: soft for the children' skin, breathable, insulating... and resistant.

And then is the pleasure of dressing up with pretty little clothes, to make everyday a brighter world!
Each time little girls and little boys pick a piece of clothing in their wardrobe, their sharpen their sense of style. Matching fabrics and colors, anticipating and appreciating the quality, the cut, the look of a piece of clothing encourages children to take care of themselves and their clothes. Style is the way we present ourselves to the world and it is part of a child's growth to learn how to dress according to the circumstances and the occasion.

Which outfits and clothes for my little girl or my little boy ?

To create your child's wardrobe, and make sure to not forget anything, go from bottom... to top! Start with the bottoms, without forgetting leggings or tights for your little girl. Girl, boy or unisex socks will complete the first drawer of your child's wardrobe.
Continue with t-shirts, bodysuits. Your child's style becomes clearer: boy or girl, T-shirts and Jacadi polo shirts , with their soft or classic colors, enhanced with little trendy details (collar, stitching, contrasting details...) can make an everyday outfit a true bias of elegance. For little girls, add several blouses for a subtle feminine touch.

Pants, dresses, and special occasion outfits : iconic children clothes

For the everyday wardrobe, we won't forget khaki trousers, jeans, skirts... and shorts and overalls for the warmer season. These clothes are easy to mix-and-match and can be perfect go-to looks for school days and family weekends.
And for special occasions, we dress up all these young boys and young girls with ceremony clothes ! From light or warm pretty dresses for little girls with lovely cuts and smocks, to the pleated skirt, all will go with a cardigan for birthdays or special occasions. For boys, elegant pants or bermuda shorts... with a blazer, your little boy is ready for big occasions!

Which shoes for my child's feet ?

From size 18 to 39, Jacadi put shoes on your children' feet. Ankle or low boots, t-straps booties and Mary Jane shoes for children: a pair of shoes will complete, and even enhance, your child's look. Jacadi children shoes are designed in the Parisian workshop of the brand, before being produced in European countries well-knowed for their expertise in leather products. For your child's comfort, Jacadi has a whole range of shoes to match with their everyday outfit, but also special occasions.

What kind of shoes my child needs ?

To brave autumn and winter, order ankle shoes for your child: a pair of boots or a pair of high sneakers will keep his feet dry and warm despite the rain. It's pouring rain, or you've planned an outing for fresh air? Don't forget rain boots !
To play in the school yard, your child will need a pair of nice sneakers or canvas shoes. Back home? Slippers, for boy or girl, warm and elegant !
Finaly, in the summer, little feet will slip into sandals... for great vacation adventures!
And to avoid any mistake, Jacadi can give you advice: with the size chart to choose correctly your child's shoes , boy or girl.